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        Rangia College Alumni Association

 Rangia College Alumni association was  formed on 5th of Aug, 2002 with the objectives of fostering a sense of belonging to the institution and   making the Alumni an integral part of the development of the college, both physical and academic. The association has chalked out a comprehensive scheme of activities towards that direction.

Aim & Objectives of Alumni Association:

                                  I.      To create a sense of fraternity among all the ex-students of Rangia College.

                                II.      To strive for the academic, cultural and socio-economic upliftment of Rangia College and its neighbouring locality.

                              III.      To strive for allround development of the college.

                              IV.      To help and co-operate with the college authority in realizing the goals and objectives of the college.

                                V.      To intiate measures for collecting funds and mobilizing resources in various other ways.

                              VI.      To create a climate of understanding with the students of the College by way of exchanging thoughts and ideas to provide guidance for the future.

                            VII.      To encourage and motivate the students on various modes of self-employment as part of career guidance programme.

                          VIII.      To intiate measures to bring the College closer to the society by highlighting the problems and practices difficulties confronting the College.

                              IX.      To take such other steps from time to time as may be deemed necessary for general improvement of the college.

   Present Committee of the Alumni Association


            1.President:                              Mr.Ananta Deka

            2. Vice President:                      Mr. Mahesasumatary and Mr. Narendra  Sarma.

            3.Secretary:                              Mr. Prakash Deka.

            4.Assistant Secretary:                Mamitus Begum and  Mr. Jayanta Sarma.

            5. Members:                               Mrs. Gauri Prava mahanta

                                                               Mr. Khalilar Rahman

                                                               Mr. Akan Deka

                                                               Mr. Mahan Madhab Barman.

                                                               Mr.Jyotish Kakati

                                                               Mr. Amin Ali

                                                               Mr. Kiran Patowary

                                                               Mr. sarifuddin Ahmed

                                                               Mr. Jogendra Prasad Sarma

                                                               Dr. Ibrahim Ali

                                                               Mr.Mukul Kalita     


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