Faculty of Arts : Department of Arabic

1.Name and address of the department:                    Department of Arabic,  Rangia College

2.Telephone number/s:                                            03621-240484(0)

3.Date of establishment of the department:             1963-64

4.Built-up area of the department in sq. m.              120  sq ft

5. List of the teaching staff, with their designations, qualifications, fields of specialization.

Name of  the Teaching staff


Highest Qualification


Dr Ibrahim Ali

Associate Professor

M.A., Ph.D


Hafizur Rahman

Associate Professor

M.A.,F.M, B.Ed.


Dr.Khairul AnamSamsuddin

Assistant Professor



Dr. Syed Abdullah Ahmed Assistant Professor M.A, Ph.D, Net,PGDTA  


6. The topic on which GU conferred Ph.D


     Title of the Work


1. Dr.Ibrahim Ali

Perso-Arab relation with Assam and their Impact on Assamese language.

Gauhati University,

2.Dr.Khairul AnamSamsuddin

A Study  On Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfaluti To Modern Arabic Prose With Special Reference To“Al-Abarat”. Gauhati University,2013
3.Dr. Syed Abdullah Ahmed “Socio-Religious Aspects in the Writings of Jibran Khalil Jibran with Special Reference to “al-Arwah al-Mutamarrida” Gauhati University,2012

7. Completed /Ongoing MRP in the Department


     Title of the Work


1. Dr.Ibrahim Ali

Perso-Arab Relations with Assam and their impact on Assamese Language.



2. Syed Khairul Anam Samsuddin

A study on Mustafa Lutfi Al manfatufi to modern Arabic prose with special reference to ‘ab-Abarat’.



3.Dr. Syed Abdullah Ahmed Spiritual love in the writings of Jibran Khalil Jibran:A study




8. Extra Curricular act ivies

On a fine August evening of 1996 the ‘Rangia College Arabic Language & Literature development society (RCALLDS), Rangia College, Rangia (Assam) was born in the Room no-5 of the first front A.T. Building of the College to develop the knowledge of Arabic Language among students of the department. The students and teachers unanimously passed a resolution to form a committee. Later on the next setting a committee was formed. The society was named as “Rangia College Arabic Language & Literature development society (RCALLDS) and in the third sitting it was inaugurated by honorable Prof. U.C Goswami, the head of the Department of English.

Aims and Objectives of the society:

i)The Society aims to develop the knowledge of Arabic among the students in general.

2)As Arabic is a foreign language, so it should be studied through various processes.

3)At least in a month it must hold a meeting in the last eek of the month.

4)The date of the meeting must be notified earlier.

5)A topic should be taken in hand to discuss it thoroughly in the meeting.

6)Emphasis on modern Arabic learning should be considered first.

7)Presence of the students should be marked.

8)A proper committee should be formed to conduct the smoothly and the tenure of it will be two years.

Formation of the Committee:

It is formed as follows—

Adviser:                                               Principal of Rangia College.

President:                                           One teacher from the department.

Vice president:                                 do

Secretary:                                           One eligible student.

Assistant secy;                                  do

Members:                                           Any student entitled a member of the society  with a membership fees     

                                                        of Rs 5.00.



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