Faculty of Arts : Department of Economics

1.Name and address of the department:            Department of Economics , Rangia College

2.Telephone number:                                          03621-240484

3.Date of establishment of the department:      1963

4.Built-up area of the department in sq. ft.        169 sq ft.

5. List the teaching staff, with their designations, qualifications, fields of specialization.

Name of  the

Teaching staff


Highest Qual.


Dr.Bhaben Ch.Lahkar (HOD)

Associate Professor


Applied Statistics

Dinesh Lahkar

Associate Professor

M.A,(Triple), LLB, B.Ed, Diploma in Journalism

Econometrics & Mathematical Eco

Dr. Brajendra Saikia

Associate Professor

M.A, Ph.D


Dr.Jayashree Sarma

Assistant Professor

M.A., M. Phill, Ph.D


Dr. Ruby Sarma Assistant Professor M.A., Pd.D  

6. The topic on which University  conferred Ph.D


     Title of the Work


1.Dr. Brajendra Saikia

Impact of Urban Centre on Rural Economy in Assam

Gauhati University

2.Dr. Bhaban Ch.Lahkar Evaluation of ICDS programme in Rural Assam Gauhati University
3.Dr.Jayashree Sarma Farm mechanization and labour case in Assam Gauhati University,2015
4.Dr.Ruby Sarma Food Security in Rural Assam” A case study in Kamrup District(Rural) Gauhati Universit,2013

7.  Completed /Ongoing MRP in the Department


     Title of the Work


Dr. Brajendra Saikia

(Major research Project).

2. Microfinance through SHG,The SHG Bank linkage in Assam: A case study of Kamrup District

3. Impact of Urban Centre on Rural Economy in Assam

ICSSR, New Delhi




8. Study Forum

In November, 2001, an organization was established under the umbrella of Department of Economics, Rangia College name as “Economic Forum” with the following aims and objectives.

a)      Up gradation of knowledge of concerned subject viz Economics.

b)      To conduct socio-Economic survey and economic extension activities.

c)      To develop the intellectual spirit among the students with economic awareness.

d)      To guide the students in solving the various economic problems.

e)      To maintain the integrity and absolute responsibilities.

f)       To conduct seminars on different topics and to publish the papers presented.


A bonafide student or teacher of Economics department, Rangia college, is eligible to be a member of the organization. Each bonafide member shall have the voting right in the General Assembly.

General Assembly:

The general meeting shall be held at least once in a year. The executive body will be formed by the general assembly.

Formation of the Executive Body:

1)      President                               1 (HOD)

2)      Secretary                                1(From Teacher)

3)      Assistant secretary                 1(From Student)

4) Treasurer                                 1(From Teacher)

5) Members                                 11(Eleven)

6) Members of the staff  2 (Two)

The members of the Executive body shall either be elected or selected by the general assembly. The decision of the executive body shall be final subject to the approval of the general assembly. The executive body shall be formed with maximum 15 members and secretary will be responsible for smooth conduct of the organization. The term of the EC will be one year from the date of formation.

The membership fees of students and teachers will be the main source of fund. However donation from other institute or organization will be expected subject to the approval of the executive committee. The Principal, Rangia College, will be chief administrator of the Forum.


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