Faculty of Arts : Department of Education

1.Name and address of the department:            Department of Education, Rangia College,

2.Telephone number/s:                                       03621-240484

3.Date of establishment of the department:      1969

4.Built-up area of the department in sq.ft.         225 sq ft.

5. List of the teaching staff, with their designations, qualifications, fields of specialization.


Name of  the Teaching staff


Highest Qualification


Lakshmi Lahkar


Associate Professor

M.A., B.Ed.

Mental Hygiene

Dampla Goyary

Assistant Professor

M.A. B.Ed

Psychology & teachers training

Dr.Mallika Kalita

Assistant Professor

M.A. B.Ed,M.Phill


Dr.Utpal Kalita

Assistant Professor

M.A. B.Ed,M.Phill


6. The topic on which GU conferred Ph.D


     Title of the Work


1.Dr. Mallika Kalita

Role of central and state Universities of Assam in Human Resource Development :A comparative study

Gauhati University, 2014

2. Dr.Utpal Kalita Academic Performance in relation to Institutional Facilities and Career Expectations of Mishing Students-A Study Gauhati University, 2013

7. Publication of books:

Sl. No.

Name of Teacher

Name of book

Published by


Dr. Nirupama Sarma

Principles and Theories of Education (for B.A Pass/ Major Course in Education),ISBN-819201010

Shanti Prakashan, Guwahati & Dibrugarh,2008.

2 Dr.Utpal Kalita Snatak Mahalar Unmeshito Bichayya Bisoi aru Siksha .(For degree Major and General Course of GU.ISBN:978-93-82384-29-8 Assam Book Depot, September 2012.

8. Completed /Ongoing MRP in the Department


     Title of the Work


Dampla Goyary

Problems of Bodo Medium Primary Schools of Chirang District of BTAD, Assam.


8. Education Society

A society has been formed  as “Education Society” in the department of education, Rangia College, Rangia on 29th August  2003 for the upliftment and all round development of the students of Rangia College in  particular. It is a forum to discuss and exchange views and ideas relating to education and its impact on the students and the society as a whole.

Aims and Objectives:

1.To develop the inner potentiality of the students through debate, seminars and symposia to be held time to time- inviting the resource persons for better guidance and valuable knowledge.

2.To create reading and writing habit among the students through the publication of departmental Journal.

3.To arrange educational excursion in and around the township and out side the locality visiting the important place, renowned institutions meeting the famous personality in their own field.

4. To felicities the teachers and students for their outstanding performance in the examinations and in the field of education respectively.


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