Faculty of Science: Department of Physics

1.Name and address of the department:                    Department of Physics, Rangia College.

2.Telephone number/s:                                               03621-240484(0)

3.Date of establishment of the department:                  1984-85


4.Built-up area of the department in sq. m.                40*45=1800 sq metre comprising of four rooms as Laboratory and staff room.(DST sponsored)

5. List of  the teaching staff, with their designations, qualifications, fields of specialization.

Name of  the Teaching staff


Highest Qualification


  Dr.Rina Barman.

Associate Professor Ph.D, B.Ed



Dr.Monoj Kr Singha(HOD)

[email protected]

Associate Professor

M.Sc, Ph.D, PGD in Instrumentation & ComputerApplication.

Electronics and Radio Physics

Dr.Mahendra kalita

Associate Professor

M.Sc, Ph.D, PGD in Computer application.

X-Ray and Crytellography.

Mitali das

Assistant  Professor

M.Sc, M.phill, B.Ed

Theoretical Physics

Dr. Mausumi Bhuyan Assistant  Professor M.Sc, Ph.D Nuclear Physics

6. The topic on which GU conferred Ph.D


     Title of the Work


1.Dr. Rina Barman

Investigations on the infrared and Raman spectra of some N-heterocyclic

Gauhati University

2. Dr. Monoj Kr. Singha

Representation and Recognition of Bodo and Rabha Phonemes with special reference other ethnic languages of NE

Gauhati University

3. Dr. Mahendra Kalita

Studies of some potent medicinal plants of NE India with respect to thermophysical, crystellographic and cromotographic properties.

Gauhati University

4. Dr. Mausumi Bhuyan Characterizations of ion beam emission from plasma focus device and its application in material modifications”. Gauhati University

7. Completed /Ongoing MRP in the Department


     Title of the Work


1. Dr. Rina Barman

Investigations of infrared and Ramen spectra of some heterocyclic


2. Dr.Monoj. Kr. Singha

i) Development of Agriculture in old Kamrup District comprising Nalbari, Barpeta and present Kamrup District.

ii) Representation and Recognition of  of Assamese Phonemes(vowels)and their position in IPA Chart.



Completed, 2013

3.Dr. Mahendra Kalita

An investigation of thermo-physical and crystallographic properties of some medicinal plant leaves readily available in N.E. India


8. Class notes

a) Conservative force

b) Tutorial of gate ckt

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