Faculty of Arts : Department of Sanskrit

1.Name and address of the department:             Department of Sanskrit, Rangia College.

2.Telephone number/s:                                       03621-240484

3.Date of establishment of the department:        1973-74

4.Built-up area of the department in sq. m.         169 sq ft.

5.List of the teaching staff, with their designations, qualifications, fields of specialization

Name of  the  Teaching staff


Highest Qual.


1.Dr.Daksheswar Deka

Associate Professor

MA(Triple), Ph.D,Shastri in Lit

Sahitya darshan

2.Deepa Bhatacharyya

Assistant  Professor

M.A., Shastri in Lit


3.Dr.Bimal Das

Assistant Professor



6. The topic on which GU conferred Ph.D


     Title of the Work


1.Dr. Daksheswar Deka

Studies in the Taittiriya Upanishad

Gauhati University, 2010

2. Dr. Bimal das Smritishastresu Stritattvasya Samikshatmakam Adhyaynam Bhagalpur University, 2014

7. Ongoing MRP in the Department


     Title of the Work


Dr.Bimal Das

The Status of women in smritishastras with special reference to manusmriti and yajnyavalkyasmriti


8. Sanskrit Sanjivani Sava

                A departmental meeting was held by the Sanskrit department of Rangia College with a view to forming a committee named Sanskrit Sanjivani Sava on 12 October, 1999 under the president ship of Mr. D.Deka, head of the department of Sanskrit.

Aims & Objectives of the Sava as follows:

a)      To popularized Sanskrit among students.

b)      To continue the publication of the Wall magazine under the aegis of Sanskrit department since 1995.

c)       To increase the creativity and interest of the students for innovation news ideas.

d)      To organized seminar to enhance awareness for Sanskrit language and literature.

Formation of the Sanjivani Sava:

                1) Adviser;                          HOD of the department

                2) President:                      One eligible student

                3) Secretary:                      do

                4) Membership:               open to all.

10. Publication

                The department of Sanskrit on 12th December 1994, decided to introduce a Wall magazine for the benefit of the students of the College and through it to explore the innovative thoughts of the departmental students in general. The name of the Wall magazine will be “Indranila” and will publish annually.  

                The HOD of Sanskrit inaugurated the first issue of the Indranila on 11th November 1995. The editor was Sri Kusal Deka. Since then the wall magazine has been published annually.


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